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PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin'® Program

PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin'® Program

Our PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin’® program saves lives by transporting dogs and puppies from overpopulated regions to areas where adoptable dogs and puppies are in demand.

Help us keep saving the lives of homeless pets, donate today to support the PetSmart Charities Rescue Waggin' program.

Rescue Waggin’ Program Fast Facts

  • Our Rescue Waggin' program has helped save the lives of more than 60,000 dogs since we began operations in 2004
  • We currently operate our Rescue Waggin’ program in the East Coast, Midwest, Great Plains and South Central regions of the U.S.

Each year, we give thousands of dogs and puppies – who otherwise would be euthanized at shelters that have run out of space and resources – the rides of their lives.
Our Rescue Waggin’ program is comprised of three parts:

  • A pet transport program: We relocate dogs and puppies from areas of high homeless-pet overpopulation to shelters in areas where adoptable dogs are in demand. This program operates under professionally-developed industry standards for originating and receiving shelters, spay/neuter and animal health practices and humane transport.
  • Capacity-building grants: This funding helps expand local spay and neuter services for dogs and cats and improve shelter facilities, operations and adoptions for agencies that send dogs and puppies on the transport vehicles.
  • Funding and mentoring: Rescue Waggin' partners are assigned PetSmart Charities program managers who offer a wealth of expertise to help improve your shelter facilities and operations.

    Rescue Waggin’ Program Happy Endings

    • Madelyn-RescueWaggin-Thumb
      Madelyn - Madelyn, a three-year-old beagle, had been hanging around a neighborhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee, looking hungry and lost.
    • Dawn - The 50,000th Dog to Ride a PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin'® Vehicle - Offered as a “gift,” her family relinquished her after less than six months, Dawn goes on to be celebrated as the 50,000th dog transported on a PetSmart Charities® Rescue Waggin'® vehicle.
    • Charley-Thumb
      Charley - When Charley stepped off the Rescue Waggin'® vehicle at the Bay Area Humane Society (BAHS) in Green Bay, Wisconsin, staff members noticed that he limped. Once the vets checked him, they discovered that Charley needed surgery on his hips.

    Read more Rescue Waggin’ program stories of dogs who have taken rides on the Rescue Waggin’ vehicles.

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